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I absolutely adored this game! It's beautifully written and the character design, both physically and personality-wise, is gorgeous. I loved how you included Greek poetry into the game. Very nice detail. Now there are some spelling mistakes, but they're easy enough to ignore.

All of the six endings were wonderful. Refreshingly different from what you're used to from other visual novels. I think #4 and #6 are my favourites :D

Hello! Just tried out Melos and I must say that I was interested in the plot. The only problem that I found is that I can't get the Ending #1. I got all of them except for this one. Is there some kind of problem or am I that dumb? xD

Anyway, good game. Wish it lasted longer.


Thank you for your kind comment.

Ending 1 is not easy to reach. To get it, you need to make a not really obvious series of choices: